Inventory Software for Preppers

With DRALOS™, you are able to inventory “caches” of supplies in your home or in secure off-site locations. DRALOS™ allows you to easily add and edit your inventory in each “cache.” You can enter locations, photos, specifications, bar codes and more. You can enter your armory inventory, including serial numbers for your weapons and ammunition stockpiles for each of your storage locations. You can easily build and manage a fully stocked food pantry by simply entering in the UPC codes on your packaged items and letting DRALOS™ fill in the details. You can even set reminders for rotating your stock by expiration date.

And not just food! DRALOS™ can also catalog your medicine and pharmaceutical supplies. By tracking each product’s expiration date and shelf life, DRALOS™ can remind you when it is time to restock an expiring medication or replace a supply when it has reached the end of it’s shelf life.