Help with DRALOS™

DRALOSThis document provides you with an overview of installing and running the DRALOS™ application.

General Instructions

  1. Run application exe file
  2. Register software
    (Registration found under the “Help” menu)
  3. Observe dashboard
    (basic information regarding caches and alerts)

Upper menu tabs: Inventory, Vitals, Library, Extras

Inventory: List of all items currently stored. Each item has various fields of associated data. Custom reports can be generated here and saved to the Library.

Vitals: List of all people and pets, left side navigation to click between each person and their individual information. List things like medication, illnesses, physical appearance etc.

Library: Lists files to save and encrypt in the application. The items are not associated with something physical in a shelter.

Extras: Go here for free resources and downloadable library items from

Sort by option: Cache, Category, Location

Per Page: 10, 20, 50, 100

Left side menus:

Caches: Lists the various caches that have been setup

Categories (within each cache): Lists items in inventory of particular cache by type

Ordering/Installing Basics

How do I purchase the DRALOS™ application through your website?

You purchase software like any other product, but after doing so (when the order is completed) you will receive an auto-generated license key from the website within your order-complete email. Order emails contain the key and activation email. Your activation key(s) purchased can also be found under the “My Account” section of the website.

What happens if I buy multiple copies of the DRALOS™ software?

You get one license for each software product purchased. If you buy two copies of a software product, you get two licenses. Each license is good for one activation.

Will DRALOS™ work on my platform?

Currently, DRALOS™ is supported by the following platforms: Windows XP SP3, 2003 SP2, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7 (SP1), 8, 8.1, 2012 (R2) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64).

The program won’t install because of a problem?

Please contact us for technical support or visit our support forums.

Do I need to uninstall before applying an upgrade/update?

No, you should not need to uninstall before updating.

System Requirements

To use DRALOS™, your system should be equipped with the following:

Supported Platforms
Windows XP SP3, 2003 SP2, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2, 7 (SP1), 8, 8.1, 2012 (R2) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)

Other Requirements
Pentium 3, Athlon 64 or higher 512 MB of memory (1 GB recommended)

100 MB available disk space

Internet connection optional (an internet connection is required at the time of licensing for communicating with the activation server, after activated, an internet connection is no longer required for running/using the program)

What if DRALOS™ or the Installer is flagged as a virus?

DRALOS™ is a virus free application. Nevertheless, it is sometimes incorrectly flagged as an unknown program (false positive). We incorporate the most stringent procedures available to make sure all of our releases are thoroughly scanned. Our downloads are always scanned before they are uploaded, and you can rest assured they are perfectly safe. Solution Update the definition files of your antivirus product, and download the newest version of DRALOS™.

Upgrading to a New Version

Be sure to check for eligible upgrades to new versions in your “My Account” section. Download the new versions there (when available).


  1. Go to File >> Backup/Restore.
  2. Export a Backup File.
  3. Install/upgrade DRALOS™:
    1. Go  to your computer’s Control Panel’s “Programs” section and navigate to the “Add/Remove” section. Uninstall DRALOS™. (NOTE: You may receive a notification that not all data was removed. This is normal, as part of your database is encrypted and can’t be removed by this method.)
    2. Run the DRALOS™ installer as normal and install the new version of DRALOS™.
    3. Launch the newly upgraded version of DRALOS™.

If your data is not present in the upgrade:

  1. Go to File >> Backup/Restore.
  2. Import your Backup File and follow the prompts.

If your “API Key” is invalid or reached the maximum number of uses:

  1. Navigate to the “My Account” section of this website.
  2. Locate the “API Keys” link on the “My Account” page.
  3. You will see your current active key(s) listed there. Click the “DELETE” button to remove a particular installation.
  4. You should now be able to re-use that key to activate your upgraded installation of DRALOS™.

For further questions about upgrading, please visit our Support section.



Setting Up Data

What kind of information can I track in DRALOS™?

DRALOS™ was designed to keep a list of physical items (weapons, food, water, medicines), digital items (such as important computer files and photos), as well as people and pets (and their information). However, the uses for DRALOS™ as an inventory management software is endless. Stamp collectors, card collectors, pawn shop owners, and more can use DRALOS™ to keep an eye on their collection or inventory.

Setting Up Inventory

How can I add a new item to my inventory?

Using the green plus sign in the top menu will prompt you through adding items. (For a more detailed explanation, please see the Tutorials section).

How can I edit an existing item in my inventory?

Using the pencil to the left of a given item will allow you to make changes to existing field data.

How can I delete an item in my inventory?

Using the red X to the left of a given item will remove it from the listings. Note: this will permanently delete an item.

Can I remove more than one at a time?

Yes, using the small box to the left of the item picture, you can highlight multiple items at once. After highlighted, you can use the red X along the top menu to remove the selected items.

How can I import from an existing list?

Using the top left menu choices. Under File you will find the “Import Inventory Wizard.” Select the browse option, choose your previously saved data, then click next. During this process, you are also presented with an example spreadsheet file that you can download and fill in with new information.
Import Inventory Wizard

Setting Up Vitals

How can I add a new person to my vitals?

Using the top menu bar, there is a small person with a green plus sign on them. Clicking this will prompt you to add various field information about the new individual. (For a more detailed explanation, please see the Tutorials section).

Can I add pets to my vitals?

Yes, there is a small dog icon with a plus sign along the top menu. Clicking this will prompt you to add various field information about your pet. (For a more detailed explanation, please see the Tutorials section).

How can I edit an existing person in my vitals?

Select a family member from the left side menu by left-clicking. This will highlight them, showing their existing information. From the top menu, click the icon of the person with the pencil icon.

How can I edit an existing pet in my vitals?

Select a pet from the bottom left side menu by left-clicking. This will highlight them, showing their existing information. From the top menu, click the icon of the dog with the pencil icon.

How can I delete a person in my vitals?

Using the top menu bar, there is an icon of a person with a red minus sign on them. Highlight the person you want to remove, then use this button.

How can I delete a pet in my vitals?

Using the top menu bar, there is an icon of a dog with a red minus sign on them. Highlight the pet you want to remove, then use this button.

Setting Up Library

How can I add a new document?

Using the top menu bar, click the “Add Libaray Item” icon. A pop-up window will enable you to upload, name and save a new library item.

Can I edit an existing document?

First, select the item you wish to edit. Then, using the top menu bar, click the “Edit File Details” icon to change the file title, category, or description. To view or edit the file contents, click the “View/Edit File” icon.

How can I delete a document?

First, click the item you wish to delete. Then, using the top menu bar, click the “Delete Library Items” icon to delete the file. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before the item is removed from the Library.


Where can I get additional help?

Help is always available for the DRALOS™ application. You can begin by requesting assistance in our support forums or by opening a support ticket.

How can I reset my password?

If you have enabled password protection, you can login with the old password and turn off password protection. Once off, the act of turning on password protection will allow you to set a new and different password. You have the option of entering three custom lockout-recovery password questions and answers. We HIGHLY SUGGEST entering questions and answers as these will be your means of password recovery.
Enable/Disable Login

What can I do if I’ve lost my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you may use the lockout-recover questions and answers you entered when you set your password. If you do not remember your password or the answers to your lockout recovery questions, we can help regain access to your DRALOS™ application for a one time service and support fee. After which, you will be able to reset a new password or turn off password protection. Please make a request through the help desk system, and then we will contact you regarding follow up steps, including payment.

Can I advertise DRALOS™ on my website?

Yes you can advertise DRALOS™ on your website and use the graphics, logos and images which we provide. If you have created a button, banner, or logo, feel free to contact us about it.

Privacy and Security

Is my personal data safe?

Yes, all data is stored locally and encrypted with a military-grade 256 bit encryption key. This same type of key is used by the U.S. Military and banks to protect data.

Who can view my personal information?

Any data you store in the DRALOS™ system is completely secure. Once you enable password protection, no one can access your data without knowing your password. The data stored on your local system is encrypted and not readable by anyone without accessing it through the DRALOS™ system.

Tutorials Section

Adding/Editing/Removing Items to Inventory

One of the most important functions of DRALOS™ is adding items to an inventory.

  1. Start off by going to your “Inventory” tab.
  2. Here you will find a list of all existing items in your inventory in the center, and a list of your caches and categories on the left.
    Inventory Screen
  3. You can create a new cache along the left side, using the “Click to Add” near the top or add a Category to classify your items with using the “Click to Add” button further down.
  4. To add a new item, go to the top menu and use the plus sign:
    Inventory Menu
  5. You will be prompted with whether the item is a standard item, or medicine:
    Select Inventory Type
  6. If you choose a standard item, you will be prompted to fill out all information regarding the item:
    Add/Edit Inventory
  7. If you choose medicine, you will fill out all necessary information, including any possible expiration dates:
    Add/Edit Medication
  8. Once completed, press either Add or Save to finish the item.
  9. The item is now shown in your list. A sample listing may look like this:
    Example Inventory Item
  10. If you would like to edit an existing item, you can use the pencil next to the item:
    Edit - Delete
  11. If you would like to delete an item, you can use the X to delete one. Or check multiple and then use the X located in the top menu:
    Inventory Menu
  12. The other buttons along the top allow you to cycle between different pages with the arrows, and a save icon to save your inventory data.

Adding/Editing/Removing People and Pets to Vitals

The DRALOS™ system can also keep tracking of your family and pets using the Vitals tab.

  1. Start off by going to the “Vitals” tab
  2. Here you will find a list of all family members and pets located on the left side of the screen, and their details in the center.
  3. If you would like to add a new person, use the top menu icon of a person with a plus sign, or the side menu “Add Person” button.
    Vitals Menu
  4. Once you have clicked to add a new person you will be prompted to add their information. This information will include any pictures, medications, and various description fields.
  5. The vitals section also allows you to add pets using the icon of the dog with the plus sign or side menu “Add Pet”:
    Vitals Menu
  6. A sample pet listing would look as follows:
    Vitals - Pet
  7. To remove a person or pet, you can highlight the individual on the left side, and use the corresponding minus icons for a person or a pet.
  8. You can make changes to an existing person by highlighting the individual on the left side, and using the corresponding pencil icon for a person or a pet.
  9. The final items you’ll find along the top menu involve use of medicine or scans for each person. Select the individual on the left side and follow the designated icons for each along the top menu. A plus to add, a minus to delete, or a pencil to edit an existing.

Adding/Editing/Removing Items in the Library

DRALOS™ allows you to save important electronic documents using the “Library” Tab.

  1. Start by navigating to the “Library” tab along the top menu
  2. You will see all existing files in the center, and categories to the left to file them under:
  3. Begin by using the icon with the document and plus sign.
  4. From here, you will fill out the following fields:
    Add Library Item
  5. You can create a new category, or select from an existing.
  6. The other corresponding icons:Library Menu
    Allow you to edit an existing file (select the file, and click the pencil). Or delete using the document and minus sign (select the file, and click the delete icon). The two pages icon allows you to see a PDF of all listed documents.

How to Transfer Data from One Computer to Another (Import/Export)

You can transfer your DRALOS™ data from one machine using the export and import features found underneath the File tab in the upper left hand corner of the program:

  1. If you are moving to a new computer, you will run the export wizard to generate a file of all designated data.
  2. If you are bringing over the content from a previous export, you will use the import feature.

Running Reports

From the “Inventory” menu, in the toolbar, choose “Audit Inventory.” In the pop-up window, you will be presented with options for your report. Choose “Export as PDF” to keep the report stored locally inside of your DRALOS™ Library as a printable PDF or “Export as CSV” to save the report to your computer in a Comma Separated Value (Microsoft Excel friendly) spreadsheet.



Understanding Notifications and Alerts

On initial startup, you will find all of your notifications and alerts on the home screen. These will tell you any medications that might be expiring, software updates, stock rotations, and all current inventories (people, items, documents, etc.)
Command Center

Help/Extras Doesn’t Work Offline

The DRALOS™ in-application “Help” and “Extras” are both connected directly to the live DRALOS™ website. In order to receive the newest updates of help topics and answers to questions the system checks online for current help information. You must be online to use help, if you do not wish to do this from within the DRALOS™ application, you can always visit the DRALOS™ help desk website from another computer within a browser.

Customizing Your Theme

The default installation of DRALOS™ comes with several theme or style options. You can select from these existing themes, or create your own.

Lost License/Serial Number

DRALOS™ licenses are purchased from our website e-commerce store. We maintain a record of all purchases and in the event that you need to install your DRALOS™ license on a new computer you can gain the required license information from your account on the website. Begin by installing a new copy of DRALOS™ and following the instructions for licensing within the application.

How to Get Started…

The first step in using any application is to familiarize yourself with the various features of the software. Take a look through the tutorials of the help section and learn the various icons and what each tab within the system can offer!

Return Policy

Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the software through documentation and requirements. We do not offer refunds on software where the serial has already been sent to the customer after purchase. Once a purchase has been made, we do not offer a cash refund or an exchange. We feel this policy is consistent with all major software retailers. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be duplicated. Once a license has been issued, it is unfortunately not possible for us to recall all copies. Therefore we do not accept product returns or exchanges. We encourage you to contact us, visit our forums to chat with other users, and seek out reviews online should you have questions about the DRALOS™ software.