FEMA’s Emergency Supply Recommendations

FEMA has a checklist of recommended emergency supplies. (You can download their checklist here.) Their checklist includes what we consider the minimum amount of preparedness you should plan for. Their recommendations include things like bleach, cash, pet food, prescriptions, matches, books, etc…

Regardless of your level of preparedness, you need to keep track of the location and quantity of your emergency supplies. DRALOS™ is a secure prepper inventory management software built specifically for families. The software is a digital lockbox to catalog your inventory, documents, and photos securely in a easily transportable format. All of your data stored within DRALOS™ is protected by 256-bit AES key encryption – the same encryption standard used by the United States military. Your personal data is SAFE and SECURE.


If you have emergency supplies, then DRALOS™ is the perfect inventory management software for you!